Tuesday, October 7, 2014

(Easy) Loomed Gorilla Arms for Halloween


My daughter makes short films. She also loves Halloween. So, she usually has some costume project in the works. She needed furry arms, so we hit the craft store for inspiration. We came away with a small 24–peg loom and two skeins of Yarn Bee Haute Fur in the color Wolverine.

SC Yarn Arms materials

My daughter is an artist, but she has no interest in knitting or crochet. She did love the loom, however. Her term for it: “idiot–proof.”

I showed her how to e–wrap the loom twice and how to lift the bottom loop over the top loop. And that’s all she did—round and round and round—until the skein was done.

SC ewrap

She whip–stitched the top of the tube closed so it was like a mitten. Since the yarn is thin, she had no problem poking her leather–gloved fingers through the holes.

She just tucked the tops of the arm tubes into her shirt sleeves to hold them up.

Sophisticated, yes? They got rave reviews from the campus crowd.

She got both arms done in about two days. Plenty of time before Halloween.

We decided the bright colors could be used for stuffed animals or mythical animals. Brown for bears/dogs/cats… anything!

What animal would you be?