Saturday, September 27, 2014

Machine–Embroidered Monster

Technology is awesome. Sometimes it does make life easier.

My mom introduced me to the world of machine embroidery when my kids were super little. She also gifted me her old Babylock Esante when she upgraded machines. She recently got the machine to end all machines—a Babylock Ellisimo Gold 2. It’s gorgeous. It sews amazingly, too.

She was having so much fun that it made me want to pull out all my old embroidery gear and see what trouble I could get into.

I’ve been intrigued by in–the–hoop patterns ever since I made a zipper bag using my mom’s embroidery machine. No messing with the zipper! The machine does ALL the work. You follow the sewing steps, take the pouch out of the hoop, flip it right–side out, and BAM!

I got the Monster Bash treat bags from Little Airplane Designs through Creative Machine Embroidery to give my machine a chance to excite me again. My kids had long outgrown the kiddy designs I had. OK, these are kiddy designs, but I couldn’t help myself.

Oh, my gosh. I am in love with in–the–hoop.

SC Embroidery in action

My old machine (no full–color, full–size screen for me) performed like a champ.

I could not (and would not) take the time to applique a cute monster face onto felt. And sew on a zipper without it causing me mental anguish? Forget about it!

AHHHHH! The cuteness! It hurts!

Let’s make some more. They take less than 30 minutes to make.

Have you ever played with an embroidery machine?




  1. Really nice machine the design you have shared is really clean and well crafted and i think it would be a Greta deal to embroider kids clothing with innovative idea. i liked it very much


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