Friday, June 13, 2014

Quick Fix for Wrong Color Thread

You know how you’re happily sewing along on purple fabric with purple thread and you completely forget your bobbin is white thread because it hasn’t mattered until now?

SC Sewing Mishap

Yeah, me too. I even zigzagged it so it would really show.

Since this purple cotton is the lining of a purse, I just colored over the white thread with a violet Prismacolor pencil. Anything to avoid the seam ripper!

SC Sewing Mishap Fixed


I also broke four needles up to this point, and I can’t blame it on machine error. Rushing usually is my enemy and led directly to the white thread debacle.

What are your worst sewing disasters? This is one of my minor booboos.



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  1. Well you have recovered your sewing disaster well, I guess, I’m going to apply your theory so I can avoid embarrassment.


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