Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick Cutting a Monogram Valentine

sc monogram valentines

What kind of Valentine do you give a 20–something? As long as it contains money or food, I don’t think it matters that much.

Since my first inclination is to craft what I need, I used my new–found Adobe Illustrator skills and quickly designed monogrammed Valentines for my kids.

SC d heart

Part of the reason I want to improve my Illustrator skills is that I can open the files in Make the Cut software and then cut out my design on my electronic cutter.

sc d mtc

I find the whole process amazing. I once cut out a huge, intricate love knot for my parents using a scalpel. My index fingertip was numb for days.

sc j mtc

It literally took me minutes to design and cut out these two flat Valentines for my kids. I popped the cutouts from the background papers with foam dots. Don’t worry kids, money is attached.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Book Lover’s Dream with a Free Printable

The bargain book sale at the library is like Christmas to a wannabe librarian.

$3 for a paper grocery bag of books culled from the shelves of five branches along with donations from citizens… oh, yes. They try to keep the shelves organized by genre, but I make my best discoveries by combing every shelf.

(I already have the schedule for this year’s sales on my calendar.)


Digital calligraphy, printing, designing, faux painting, decorating. It’s the best $3 I’ve spent all year.

Inspired by the library–ness of it all, I saved a defunct checkout card pocket and recreated it using my new Adobe Illustrator skills. I also remade a checkout card from one of the many library books I currently have checked out.

I like to loan my books, but I like getting them back even better.

The pocket and card printables are pdfs. Click on the links to download.

LINKS: Library Cards printable and Library Cards Pocket printable.
Library Card Printable   Library Card Pocket Printable

For the library cards, print and cut.

For the library card envelope or pocket, print and cut out. Score all the dashed lines. Fold up the bottom dashed line and crease. Fold in the two side tabs on the dashed lines. Fold the whole bottom up on the middle dashed line. Don’t glue the tabs shut. Glue each tab to the body of the pocket.

Glue the pocket into your book to loan with acid free glue and start your own library.

Suzy Cucumber Library cards

What kind of books would you search for at a library book sale?