Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to make a travel journal 10 minutes before you have to leave

Quick travel journal

You’re leaving on a dream vacation in 10 minutes. Quick! Make a travel journal to record all the awesome stuff you’re going to do.

(I actually did this.)

Grab your scissors, hole punch, some thin ribbon or twine, a ruler, pencil, and paper cutter, and about ten to 12 sheets of sketch paper.


Cut the paper in half along the long edge.

Score and fold all the pages in half.

On one folded sheet, measure ½ in. in from the fold and 1½ in. from the top and bottom. Punch holes at these marks. This is the master sheet. Take the rest of the folded sheets, nest them into the master sheet, and repunch the holes. Don’t worry if everything isn’t precisely punched. Just get those holes in the paper.


Cut about 12 in. of ribbon or twine and feed the ends into both holes. Now feed the ends back up through the holes but crisscrossed.


Both the ribbon ends will be on the same side. Tie the ends.


Snip the ends short.


Done. Now grab a few markers, a pencil, and a glue stick and hit the road.


Fill with memories while you’re traveling. Can’t bring scissors with you? Tear out images from brochures and glue them in to the pages. You don’t have to haul all that paper home and try to remember what you did each day.


Write a few lines each day on your trip.


I actually did make a travel journal 10 minutes before we left for Maui last summer. I’ll probably do it again 10 minutes before we leave for this year’s adventure.



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  1. Hey thanks a lot dear. I am going to be making this for myself, following your guidelines. I love what you have posted. Keep it up.


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