Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Cover a Revealing Window with Contact Paper


I like my house, but I sometimes wonder what the original owner was thinking when she designed it. For instance, the sidelights in my front door reveal the world to us and us to the world.

SC Door Before

Why not put up curtains? I tried. In the winter, condensation alternately melts and freezes between the fabric and glass, ruining the paint job. I also tried covering the windows with glass paint, but my husband wanted a way to see who was at the front door.

I found inspiration here and here using clear Contact paper. I love that stuff!

How to Cover a Revealing Window with Contact Paper

Here’s how I solved my revealing problem.

1. Measure the window and draw a pattern. I used a vector drawing program and just began playing with shapes until I found a pattern that would fit.

SC Vector Pattern

2. Print out the pattern and trace onto clear Contact paper. Cut out. Or, if you have a cutting machine, load the vector pattern into Make the Cut and let the machine do all the precision cutting for you. (I highly recommend the cutting machine option.)

SC Pattern Pieces

3. Tape the pattern to the backside of the window. As you peel the backing off each piece of Contact paper, give it a spray with plain water. The water allows you to slide each piece into position without it immediately sticking to the window. When you have placed enough pieces to establish the pattern, remove the paper pattern from the window and place the remaining pattern pieces by eyeballing the spacing. Slide the wet Contact paper pieces to make fine adjustments to the spacing.

SC Pattern PlacementSC SpraySC Slip PlaceSC in progressSC EyeballingSC windows

4. When all the pieces are in place, you will notice bubbles are trapped between the Contact paper and the glass. Use a credit card or plastic scraper to move the bubbles to the edge of the Contact paper where they will be released. Scraping the pieces also removes the water you sprayed on each piece, reactivating the adhesive on the back of the Contact paper.

SC BubblesSC Scrape

5. Repeat for all remaining windows. Enjoy more privacy from the inside.

SC inside view

Enjoy more privacy from the outside.

SC Outside View

I love my faux frosted windows. We can still see who is at the door, but folks from the street aren’t going to spot me in my jammies unless they’re pressing their noses to the glass. Awkward for all involved.

SC after

In other news, the cosmetic renovations continue. The house is fighting back with a spate of wall cracking, but I will win. *SHAKES FIST IN THE AIR*




  1. Window film is great for decorating windows and you have done a wonderful job here with the frosted glass look!

    1. Thanks! I love that the window now offers privacy without losing the sunlight.

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