Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Teaching Skeleton

Who says Halloween can’t be educational?

This is one of those blast–from–the–past posts. Years ago, I was a homeschooling mom, and I generally made my own curriculum. We happened to be studying anatomy for our junior high science right around Halloween so I figured the best way to learn the bones of the body was to make a full–size skeleton and have the kids label the bones.





My daughter is now a senior in college and can still remember where most of the bones are.

I found a clip art skeleton (can’t remember where) and just freehanded the image onto poster board, darkening the lines with black marker. The kids cut out the pieces and then labeled the bones based on an anatomy coloring book we have. We cold laminated the pieces and fitted them together with brads to make our skelly poseable.

To make your own teaching skeleton, find a clip art skeleton. Here are a few I found that could work:

skeleton-9490skeleton_smiling   skeleton_black_white_line_art_coloring_book_colouring-555px

If you’re not comfortable winging it with a marker, you can enlarge the image using a graphics program. When you print it out, it probably will be pixelated from the enlarging, but you can trace over the jaggy lines with a black marker to smooth out the lines. Or, you can print out a large skeleton, tape him up to a window, and use banner paper to trace a smooth line. However you get the printout, glue the skeleton to poster board and then cut out the bones at each major joint (basically every place where you want him to be jointed). Use plain old office brads as his joints. Skelly is ready to be labeled and posed in his most spooky (or funny) Halloween pose. You can laminate him for future bone refresher courses, AKA  Halloween.

My 6–year–old nephew helped me put out the Halloween decorations this year. He had fun trying to find his own bones. He told his mom where his scapula was when she came to pick him up.

See, Halloween IS educational. Now I just have to resist the candy stash I’ve amassed.



Still feeling crafty? Make skelly some bat friends with your leftover poster board.


  1. Awesome idea! I'm definitely using this.

    1. Awesome! Send me a picture when you do. I can't wait see it!


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