Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Caulk When You Have No Idea How

The Hub and I have decided to get the house ready to sell. We’re not actually selling (we hope). With the plethora of houses for sale around us, we’ve been watching the neighbors scurry like ants to make their houses move–in ready. We figure we ought to make our house move–in ready for us. Why do all that hard work and let someone else enjoy the benefits?

We started with the seal around the windows. Exciting, yes? Especially the scraping of the old caulk part. It’s a disgusting, sweaty but necessary job. Gaps between the window and frame can lead to air leaks and allow insects to enter your home.

Our caulk was completely cracked away. Since my husband is banned from caulking due to his extreme messiness (he goes for functionality), I took it upon myself to learn how to use a caulking gun.

Conquer your caulk gun fears.

Thanks to YouTube, every window is ready for winter. The tip about the release tab is gold. I’m now watching concrete repair videos. The Hub is permanently banned from all repairs that require finesse.

The dining room is next on the list with all its doorway cracks that I’ve fixed only twice before. I’ve also watched proper crack repair videos too, so those suckers are going down!

What big home repairs are you making this summer?



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