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Organize your jewelry with toilet paper rolls

What a mess, huh? If I don’t keep my jewelry out in front of my face, I often forget what I have and wear the same stuff over and over again. But really, digging something out of this tangled mess is too much effort for this lazy girl.


You know those ceramic egg carton–looking jewelry dividers? This isn’t one. However, I thought toilet paper rolls cut into inch–wide chunks might just give me some organization to my jewels. I was desperate.


OK, it works. But it’s obviously cardboard. I tried to cover the rolls in paper mache, but it took entirely too long to glue on the strips. Instead, I pulled out all my gross colors of polymer clay and covered each roll. I knew how many I needed since I had test fit them in my tray.


I am not a huge polymer clay fan. Something about the baked texture gives me the squicks. I usually paint it anyway, so it doesn’t matter what color I use underneath. After baking each ring for about 15 minutes, I base coated each with gesso, followed by a coat of cream colored craft paint, and finished with a satin finish.


I was going for a porcelain–looking ring, but maybe it looks more like handmade ceramic. Regardless, the rings work to organize my jewelry (and they don’t look like cardboard rolls).


I’ve actually been wearing my jewelry instead of hiding it away in a cramped jewelry box or in a jumbled pile on my dresser.


How do you keep your jewelry organized?



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