Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recycled Linen/Cotton Hand Towel

Just after Christmas I bought a linen/cotton sweater with the intent to unravel it and reclaim the yarn. I don't reclaim yarn unless it’s worth my time and the yarn is wool or fabulous. The sweater also needs to have seams that are capable of being unraveled. 

Avoid serged seams (bottom sweater). The yarn is cut during the sewing process, and it’s almost impossible to unravel. The top sweater seam is perfect for unraveling. If you do a web search for “reclaim sweater yarn,” you’ll find great instructions from other crafters on how to unravel an old sweater.

I found an interesting lace pattern in 365 Knitting Stitches a Year (used back in Week 36 of my Craft Book Challenge Year) and cast on as many stitches as I thought I needed to give me a hand towel. I think it was 60 stitches.

The pattern is Fishtail Lace.

I kept knitting until the towel fit the towel holder.

While a lace pattern can be difficult, once you get the pattern memorized you’ll zip along and put on the inches. I did have to rip several rows because a stitch went missing even though I counted the previous row accurately (or so I thought).

I’m pleased with my linen/cotton towel. I probably used a touch more than one sleeve for the towel. I should have enough yarn for at least two more towels with a face cloth besides. Knitting towels is great lace knitting practice without having to knit with whisper–thin yarn.

Are you looking at your sweaters with a new eye now?



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