Sunday, January 6, 2013

Craft Book Challenge Week 52: A little spice in the new year

One year ago I started this blog to help me get over my creative slump. Maybe I should have planned a fabulous project to finish out my craft book challenge, but I didn’t. I tried to carve out creative time during this past year to get old projects done and try new ideas. This last week is no different.

My daughter is headed back to school next week. We changed her meal plan, so she’ll be doing more cooking for herself. She likes fresh, raw vegetables and a cut of meat for dinner, so we bought her a mini kitchen grill. She likes her meat spiced, so she needs a way to carry her spices down to the dorm kitchen without hauling a tackle box of jars for each meal.

I pulled out Practical Origami, my last book for the year, to find the pepper packets pattern.


We folded all the obnoxious origami paper squares we could find into little packets and filled them with her favorite spices. Just unfold and tip in the spice.


The folding process produces a little hole at the top so she can shake her flavors directly onto her meal without dumping the whole packet at once.


I’m also sending paper plates, because how can I expect her to cook AND do her own dishes. It’s all about baby steps.

I’m still evaluating my plans for 2013. Rest assured, it will include craftiness. I want to thank you all for joining me on my 2012 craft book challenge!

Thanks again,



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