Friday, December 21, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 50: Softy Polar Bear Ornament


Every year I give each of my kids an ornament for Christmas. My mother did the same for me, and I enjoy pulling out my collection and reminiscing as I decorate my tree.

Usually, I buy the ornaments and write the date on the box. This year, I actually had time to make their ornament gifts.

My pattern came from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle.


Making little softies can be fiddly if you cut out your pieces and then sew them. Instead, trace the pattern onto your fabric and sew it. Now cut it out. So much easier. I was able to make two bears using this method in one afternoon.


I found a dinner  napkin and traced a polar bear pattern onto the doubled fabric. I stitched along  my lines (leaving room for turning and ear insertion).


I pulled it right–side out, stuffed it, and painted simple features onto the bear’s face.


A simple crocheted scarf and a loop for hanging finish his ensemble.


I forgot to take a picture, but I wrote 2012 on his little backside.  He’s now part of the ornament family. My kids will be gone in a few short years, but they’ll have boxes of ornaments to take with them. I hope they enjoy their little Christmas memories as much as I have mine.

Have a wonderful week!


P.S. I finished my cookbook project. 190 pages plus an index. It’s awesome. My mom has put in her order for me to scan my grandmothers’ recipes to share.

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  1. Love the combinations of colours and that looks great. I really like that pattern, that green scarf is very up is so uplifting after your done :)


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