Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 49: Heirloom Recipe Journal

I was working diligently on my scarf–a–palooza crafting marathon when my husband gently reminded me I had promised his aunt copies of heirloom recipes to give as gifts. Two years ago. She had gently reminded him that Christmas was coming like a freight train.

Scarf–a–palooza—FULL STOP!

As I said, two years ago, my father–in–law let me borrow his late wife's recipe box so I could scan the handwritten recipes. My husband's aunt got the word that the recipes were written by her little sister and her mother, both of whom passed away entirely too soon. I scanned all the recipe cards but lost my steam on the project when my computer ate most of my edits.

So, last Wednesday I got back to work fixing scans of well–loved recipe cards. Some of the yellowed cards were so loved that they were almost unreadable from years of batter and grease splashes.

I tweaked and twisted those scans in Photoshop until I had something readable and printable.

This one must have been really good.

Believe it or not, I was able to make this scan readable.

Since my aunt–in–law wanted to share the recipes in book form, I pulled out Making Journals by Hand, which has quick and practical ideas for creating books and journals.

I printed out the recipes onto card stock and placed them into simple page protector sleeves to protect the pages from the messiness of baking. I bound the pages with a simple raffia ribbon.

I was inspired to make some lemon cake.

The cake recipe journal is more of a family history than a cookbook. What's on the pages is more important than how perfectly the book is bound.  My husband remembers his mother making some of the recipes I included. I'm going to pass this book on to both of my children so they can make some cakes just like Granny did.

I still have many more recipes to pull together, but I figured cake was an important and necessary place to start. No matter how many pages I can pull together before Christmas, my husband's aunt will be so pleased to share her mother and sister with the rest of the younger generation.

If you're looking for a meaningful gift, look no further than your recipe box. You might have some history to share with your family. All you need is a scanner.



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