Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Itsy Knitsy Spider Meets the Mummy

 The itsy knitsy spider minding her own business
The Itsy Knitsy Spider went up the waterspout.
 Ew. Ghoul.

Down came the ghoul and creeped the spider out.

Dude, check out my bling.

The spider lady turned her back and showed her deadly crest.

Was it something I said?

And the ghoul turned white, shrieked in fright, and instantly left.

Meanwhile, the Mummy watched in horror.

The knit mummy box is horrified by his relation's behavior.

His first cousin is the Ghoul. How embarrassing.

The knit mummy box offers the spider some candy brains to apologize.

All projects inspired by A New Look at Knitting, my craft book from Week 40.

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