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Knit Ghoul Box

sc ghoul box
He lurks, hidden deep in the shadows. Waiting. Once a year, the magic of All Hallow’s Eve releases him from his dark chains. When one waits all year for freedom, one does not waste a moment in repentance.


How to Knit a Box Without Using a Pattern

sc ghoul box schematic
A box is basically a hollow cube.  Each side is a perfect square. You’ll need six sides (four around and two for top and bottom) to complete the cube. Explode out a cube and you can see how the sides fit together.
(This technique is found in this week’s craft book.)

I ripped up a sheet for my fabric strips, so I’m not sure how much total fabric the box requires. Each strip is torn 1–in. wide.

Cast on as many stitches as you want onto size 13 (9mm) knitting needles. I cast on 10 stitches.

Knit each row until you have produced a square. Use the bow tie join method to add fabric as you need extra yardage. When the ruler is across the room, you can determine whether you’ve knit a square by folding up one corner to the opposite corner across the diagonal. If you can match corners and the sides line up, you have a square.

sc bow tie join

Now that you have knit a square, cast on the same number of stitches you began with. In my case, I cast on 10 more stitches. Knit across the new stitches and old stitches and cast on an additional number of the original stitch count. You should have triple the original number of stitches on your needle. I now had 30 stitches. (10 new st. + 10 original st. + 10 new st.)

Continue knitting across until you have added the same number of rows needed to make the original square. Cast off one side arm. Always keep the original middle stitches. Knit across and cast off the other extra side arm. You should be back to the original cast on stitch count.

You’ve just produced the front, bottom, and two sides of the box.

The final step is to knit the back and lid of the box. Knit double the rows necessary to produce a square piece. You are adding two squares stacked. Bind off when you have reached the height needed for two squares.

sc ghoul box 2

Slip stitch the two side arm squares to the front and back squares along the edges. (Make a box sample out of graph paper if it’s driving you crazy.) Slip stitching gives the floppy fabric some firmness.

You can add character by sewing button eyes just under the lid and tying scraggly yarn hair all around the top of the box. Or make the box with Christmas fabric and pop in a gift. It’s all good.

sc ghoul box open

Now, where’s the candy? My ghoul needs to eat!
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  1. This is brilliant! Looks very goulish! Perfect for Halloween!
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