Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 43: Last–Minute Halloween Manicure

Happy Halloween!

While my husband was finetuning his spider drop for this evening's festivities, I thought I should put some effort into my appearance. He drops the spider, and I lure them in with the candy.

According to Frightfully Fun Halloween Crafts & Cooking, you can paint your nails with acrylic paint as long as you seal the paint with clear nail polish. While I don’t have creepy nail polish colors, I do have enough craft paint to cover the house inside and out.

How to Give Yourself an Ocular Manicure

1. With a small flat craft paint brush, paint a layer of white acrylic paint onto each finger nail. The first nail should be dry by the time you reach the last nail.

2. With a small liner brush, paint a circle of sage green in the middle of each white nail.


3. Dip the hard end of one brush (the end opposite the bristles) into black acrylic paint and stamp the end into the middle of each green circle.

4. Every eye needs a gleam. Paint a small dot of white just off center of the pupil using the small liner brush.

5. Acrylic paint is water–based and will wash off unless you seal it. Using the clear nail polish, paint at least two coats over the dried acrylic paint. Let the first clear coat dry before adding the second coat.

I’ve been able to wash my hands without losing my paint job, so I suspect my nails will last at least through the evening.

I might even have time to make some Spider Web Dip from the book. It matches my nails.



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