Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 40: Playing with the Needles

As I wander the thrifts, I keep an eye out for vintage craft books. I ignore anything from the ‘80s, but anything older is fair game. I found a new look at Knitting in small–town Oklahoma at a Salvation Army. If you ignore the dreadful ‘70s vest and other truly unknown objects on the cover, you sometimes can find some nuggets of wisdom that other “proper” knitting books won’t tell you.

a new look at knitting

The book embraces experimental knitting. I did my first two–color knitting using a weaving method I had never seen in any other book. Stranding had always seemed daunting. With weaving, you catch the unused yarn behind the stitches as you’re knitting.


Despite some of the truly groovy designs, the book is more of a technique workbook than a pattern gallery. I plan to play and try out some “unauthorized” techniques just to see what will happen.


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