Monday, September 24, 2012

Evolution of a Sweater

Stitch by stitch; mistake by mistake.

I knitted all week long. I picked out stitches, I ripped back rows, and I learned a ton on what is a fairly basic raglan baby sweater.

I enthusiastically cast on, finished about 2 in., and realized I did not like what I was producing. I also had forgotten a buttonhole.

First cast on

Rip it!

Never knit what you hate.

I ripped it out and started over with smaller knitting needles. I could forsee the original becoming a toddler sweater because I knit loosely. I dropped my needle size from size 8 to size 5 and tried again.



Second try cast on

About 2 in. in to the new sweater, I discovered I had added an extra stitch along the button band. No ripping now! Using the no–nonsense, fix–it solutions in Knitting in Plain English, I simply dropped and unraveled the extra stitch column and then eased the extra yarn the stitch produced back into the rows by tightening stitches across. It’s easier to do than explain.


Sweater try on

New skills learned: using markers, putting stitches on hold for use later, making buttonholes, sewing up, hiding the yarn tails, binding off in pattern, picking up stitches the right way.

Not learned: working on two sleeves at the same time. Really, next time I will use a third needle. I had such a knot going with trying to follow the instructions exactly. No one will know that I used a third needle. Sorry, but those instructions were NOT in plain English.

Working on both sleeves tangle

And so, late Sunday evening, I finally completed the little one–week baby sweater. The sleeves may be too short because I missed an increase; the body may be too long because I was determined to keep the buttonholes even. I don’t care.

The finished sweater

Fully fashioned and raglan!
Possibly wearable (I need to find a nearby baby to be sure)!

My fully fashioned sweater

Producing it was like giving birth: Painful during, but I could do it again.



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