Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 38: The Math of Knitting

My messy basement

My workroom became the house “junk drawer” over the summer. It’s dark, messy, and impossible to work in. I’m in the middle of a clear out, but until I make more progress, I’m working on portable projects.

Knitting is portable, so that’s what I’m sticking with. I start my intermediate knitting class next week, and I need to teach the students how to knit a hat. This week, I’m going to learn how to design a pattern for a knit hat using my mother’s copy of The Complete Book of Progressive Knitting.

The Complete Book of Progressive Knitting

This classic uses formulas to describe how a pattern is put together. Once you figure out your knit gauge, you plug your numbers into the formulas to produce your own custom pattern. You don’t need to match someone else’s gauge.

Formula for knitting a sleeve

The concept is a little daunting, but I actually like to do real–world math. My first try will be a hat. If the hat formula works, I’ll pass it on to the students. I may even attempt a sweater.

Meanwhile, I have my three organizing bins (keep, donate, toss) already filled in my workroom. I’m in the process of moving furniture. My big issue is lighting. Basements in West Texas do not have windows. Anyone have suggestions for great task lighting?



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