Thursday, September 13, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 36: Knit Stitch Experimenting

Did you know that knitting consists of only one stitch? From the front, it's called Knit, and from the back, it's called Purl. And depending on how and where you place the stitches, you'll get hundreds of different looking knit fabrics.

I'm a sucker for stitch patterns. They're like puzzles. You can't "see" the pattern hidden in the string of K's and P's until you actually knit a sample. 365 Knitting Stitches a Year is a perpetual calender, which is an odd choice for this week's craft book; however, each day offers a full–color picture of a new pattern with the instructions on how to reproduce it. A new puzzle everyday!

I've been into dishcloths lately, so I thought I'd pick a pattern that looks like it could be challenging and scrubby. I chose January 12, Waterfall, which seems oddly appropriate for a dishcloth.

To turn the pattern into a dishcloth, I knit a K1,P1 seed stitch border at the top and bottom, and a narrow seed stitch border on each side. The pattern threw me off at first because you add extra stitches for a few rows and then they disappear. Again, I only used the front (Knit) and back (Purl) sides of one stitch to produce the lacy pattern. 

I would rate this stitch pattern as an intermediate project. I think Waterfall might drive me nuts if I was attempting a sweater. It makes a great dishcloth.


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