Saturday, September 29, 2012

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Beanie Knit Pattern

my beanie pattern hat

You enter a room. In the corner are a pile of knitting needles, several different skeins of yarn, and a ruler. Curious.

Suddenly, a blast of cold air sails across your poor ears, freezing them to little dangly icicles. The window is nailed open, and a blizzard outside will soon engulf the little room. You turn to leave, but the door won’t open!


You race across the room to the pile of knitting supplies. How will you keep warm with the snow swirling around you?

Click on the link for salvation.

My Beanie Pattern

You find a pattern for a beanie hidden in a link. You quickly knit a little square with the closest knitting needles and yarn. You measure the square and discover your gauge. Eureka! Time to warm those frosty ears.

You knit as fast as your fingers can fly. As your pinky begins to turn blue, you complete the last stitch. You will not be cold this day.

The End

Brrr. Save my ears!

sc beanie flatThis week, I used a formula hidden in a knitting book from the 1960’s plus a skein of $1 yarn and wrote up a pattern that actually works. I sewed it up, and you can’t see the seam. Knitting immersion seems to have imparted some yarny wisdom. It’s about time.

Let me know if my pattern write up works (or doesn’t). Go have an adventure!



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