Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 33: Back to School!

My daughter moved back into the dorm this week. She was happy to go (and we were happy to send her). Before she left, we made her a new bathrobe using another vintage pattern and a new sheet.

Make it with Mademoiselle was published in the 1970s. Mademoiselle magazine for "smart, young women" ceased publication in 2001.

The trick to using a pattern from the '70s (declared the ugliest decade ever by my dad) is to look past the questionable patterns and colors and look for classic shapes. A bathrobe usually always is a bathrobe. Only the decorations change.

from Make it with Mademoiselle
So we grabbed a cheap $5 twin flat sheet from Wal–Mart and started measuring, marking, and cutting out the simple pattern shape. The original pattern called for a full–size sheet. Using a twin sheet yielded a shorty bathrobe instead of a full–length bathrobe.

Wal–Mart sheets come packaged in a fabric pouch, so we sewed the pouch down to the body of the robe for an instant snap pocket for her keys.

My daughter loves her new robe. If we had had time, I'd have set her loose on the sheeting fabric with some fabric markers before we sewed it together. She's been perfecting her renderings of rhinos and octopi. In the meantime, we're just going to enjoy the measure of silence around the house.


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