Thursday, August 16, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 32: Kid Crafts

Wow, I missed my Monday book pick. I do have some lame excuses about inch–wide holes in engine blocks, getting trapped by a flood, agreeing to teach a knitting class when I haven't knit in months, and other nonsense, but I won't bore you. Suffice it to say that I watched my nephew this week, and we needed some entertainment that didn't involve a game system.

My nephew is five and will be starting Kindergarten next week. I asked him what he was going to learn. He said, "Not much because I always forget." He's a super smart kid, so he should keep his teacher on her toes this year. Both his parents are artists, so he is always up for some crafting.

We pulled out my old copy of Disney's Family Fun Crafts, which really has withstood the test of time. My nephew found the marble roller project, and we got our craft on.

All toilet paper tubes must be decorated before construction.

We discovered we could add bends to the tube if we cut crescents into the ends of the paper tubes. I just wrapped each connection with clear strapping tape to secure each join. We had great fun deciding a tortuous route for the marbles. We even added a double join that would send the marble out into thin air if it chose the wrong path.

Will the marble choose wisely?
We talked about Johnny Appleseed while he ate his lunchtime apple and looked up where Johnny Appleseed lived. Funny thing is, he remembered everything we talked about and told his mom. I think Kindergarten will teach him a thing or two.



  1. Look at his face! He's completely involved. Good job, SQ.

    1. Thanks, Anne. I try to keep him away from the video games.


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