Friday, July 13, 2012

Super–Sized String Snowflakes

I hate snow.
I grew up in the upper Midwest where it starts snowing in November and ends somewhere around April. I spent enough mornings trekking to the frozen bus stop in the dark and returning home just as the sun was setting to have earned my hate.

During my ignorant youth, my brothers and I thought snowbirds were idiots because they couldn't handle the cold. I could totally be a snowbird now. 80° is paradise year round.

Snow, unfortunately, represents winter, which also represents Christmas. I don't like front door wreaths. They're too fussy for my entry way. So, what the heck. At least these snowflakes aren't cold.

The Internet is full of crochet snowflake patterns. I used a pattern from The Spirit of Christmas Book 8. The middle snowflake on the door is a Martha Stewart pattern. I grabbed a size H (5 mm) hook, a roll of twine, and a DVD and got to work.

My mom tried to teach me to crochet. You know how some people can't learn math? That's me with crochet. I have to look up the basics EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I pick up a hook. And then when you finish, an unstiffened snowflake doesn't look too impressive.

I drew a six-spoked guide using my 60° ruler, soaked the snowflake in glittery Stiffy, and pinned out the arms on a piece of foam core covered with waxed paper.

What's great about the stiffened string is that a pair of scissors and glue fixes all problems.

Stupid snow. Why do you have to be pretty?
All those in favor of joining me in a snowbird caravan to Tahiti this winter, raise your hands.



  1. Very pretty snowflakes. You turned out some really good ones for someone who claims to be a not so good crocheter,which I really and truly am. Your door will be lovely and unique. Thanks for the tute , in case I consult Martha and give it a try. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for the crocheting kudos, Anne. Fabric stiffener is amazing stuff for the hook impaired. Big string helps too.


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