Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

It's easy to make little trinkets for women and girls. From little purses and pouches, to jewelry, notebooks, and lip balm, the only limit is crafting time.

I went back through my Craft Book Challenge Projects and found several that can double as small holiday gifts.

Need a gift for a writer? Try the Stab Binding Notebook,

Decorate the cover with a collograph print, collage, decoupage, marbling, stamping, etc.
the No–Glue, Folded Paper blank book,

the Mini Paint Chip book,

or the Monogram Journal (hmmm, I didn't realize I was that obsessed with handmade books).

Add a nice pen set, a tea cup, and some herbal tea for a lovely gift set.

Now, some ideas for those who like a little bling. The teen girls in my kids' fencing club (ages 12–19) really like my stretchy paper bead bracelets. My daughter wears hers all the time. I've gotten a few comments on mine too. Cover the beads with images from her favorite catalog or magazine.

When I dropped my stacked paper bead pendant, my husband rushed to catch it. He thought it was blue and white porcelain. (He needs new glasses.) All you need to add is a nice chain.

Envelope liners come in multiple colors and patterns. Check your junk mail for a free supply.

Every woman appreciates a lovely scent when she opens her closets and drawers. These paper mache sachets require a lot of drying time, so you might as well make several sets at once for gift giving.

I've been polling the men in my life for stocking stuffer ideas. They have no clue what I'm talking about. However, my daughter and I have brainstormed a few ideas. I'll give those projects a whirl and let you know what happens.

Hope you found a little bit of inspiration. Remember, Christmas is only 159 days away!



  1. Lol, it figures that the men have no idea what your talking about!!! Lol, do they ever know what we are talking about? Not really. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. I guess we shouldn't stress about Christmas. Men sure don't.


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