Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go Big or Go Home for Christmas Baubles

If bigger is better then my house is going to look fabulous this Christmas!

My theme this week has been "Go Big or Go Home... for Christmas." I'm rather tired of my precious ornaments. It takes so dang many of them to fill up the tree. I'm not one for decorating anyway, and I'm looking for some bang for my buck.


The inspiration for these mega baubles came from The Spirit of Christmas, 20th Anniversary Edition.

Materials Needed:
Canvas primed on both sides (I used Kilz waterbased)
Acrylic paint
Ruler, pencil, scissors
Sewing machine
Glue gun

1. Print the pattern and trace it onto lightweight cardboard.

2. Trace four baubles onto the primed canvas.
3. Use the ruler to draw a line down the middle of each bauble.
4. Cut them all out. (Draw a line down the middle of the back side too.)
5. Paint each side of the bauble a different color. I used the same color for each side in case the paint leaked under.


7. Arrange the layers so they are spaced evenly.

I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Step 6. I guess I was so excited that it worked to get out the camera. The reason I only stacked two baubles together is my sewing machine would not go through more than two pieces of painted canvas. Granted, I used my 40+ year old Kenmore and did not change the needle from who–knows–when I last used it. I even used the ancient red bobbin thread.

I've been working on more large decorations, but, man, I've had a "needs–chocolate" week. Weeds exploded, I dug a garden bed myself, I got a $289/month prescription (eek) for dry eyes, my floor needs mopping, and I just remembered I have a load of laundry waiting to be dried. I haven't looked at my Google Reader in an embarrassingly long time.

But, my house is going to look FABULOUS this Christmas.

Have you gotten a start on your Christmas? The stores are already putting out their holiday wares!


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