Monday, July 30, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 30: Putting on the Paint

I'm ready to put Christmas away (until at least November), but I'm so glad I got a few Christmas tasks finished in July.

My big task this week is to reclaim my dining room table. My husband telecommutes from the dining room. He has an office in the basement, but he likes soaking up the sun upstairs compared to wilting beneath the underground fluorescent lights. Our mission was to move him to an upstairs office while giving us back our table for actual family meals.

Enter the underused dinette. My kids no longer sit at the table to eat their cereal or draw their pictures. Now you're more apt to find a laptop there surrounded by snack food wrappers.

My husband wants to use the table as his desk so others can sit on the opposite side and keep him company as he codes.

I bought the table as an unfinished flat pack project and finished it with flat paint and furniture wax years ago. I've needed an excuse to refinish this table. Baby Suzy Q. gnawed the trestle, but the thought of stripping the wax made me live with it. Suzy is eight this year, so it's time to fix, update, and repurpose.

I've pulled my design inspiration from Puttin' on the Paint by Better Homes and Gardens.

Have you ever lived with flaws because the fix seemed harder than the flaw?



  1. Please show us what you do with what colors, techniques, etc. I'm sure it'll be perfect. And you should thank SQ for adding true antiquing - for free!

    1. I'm working on the last coat now. Suzy is a very helpful dog. She always manages to "help" with painting projects.


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