Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 29: Stocking Stuffers (and Holly)

Two weeks of Christmas prep accomplished and it's only the middle of July. Can you imagine how you'll feel when it's the middle of December? If I hadn't dedicated this month to Christmas, I know exactly how I would feel. I've felt panic in the middle of December for the last 20 years.

I dedicated Week 2 to the decorating for Christmas. This week, I'm going to tackle the stocking stuffers.

Before I move on, I have one more decoration to show you. While browsing through The Complete Christmas Book (published 1961), I found a pattern for interlocking holly. It's basically a holly leaf with a knob on each end and a slit to slip the "berry" ends through.

So I made a fun foam holly garland to hang in my kitchen.

I used four sheets of fun foam and got eight hollies per sheet.

It's hard to show Christmas decorating in July.

I also made a felt version of the garland to hang on my Christmas tree. I haven't had a different tree garland in years. I'm still working on the felt version. It's a great project to do while watching TV.

Here you can see the size difference between the felt and foam holly leaves. I cut a double slit in the felt so the red beads can interlock on each leaf.

Anyway, we have really big stockings in our family. Please put your stocking stuffer/tokens of appreciation gift ideas in the comments. Especially if you have ideas for men!



  1. Cute garlands! I'm still hoping someone will furnish ideas for those elusive things for *men*! Hurry -only 5.5 months left!

    1. Anne, I've been asking the men in my life for some ideas. My husband's response was, "What?" I'm still brainstorming.


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