Saturday, July 21, 2012

Add some spice to your gift giving

Sometimes, the presentation is just as important as the gift. I can make a bunch of spice mix for the grillers in my family, but how much cooler is BBQ spice branded with a personalized label?

personalized spice bottles dog family pet

Bob is our sweet little dachshund girl (named by my son) who loves to eat but can't. Hope springs ever eternal for the Big Ol' Baby as she munches down on her prescription dog food. For anyone who knows Bob, they can imagine her asking for a bite of whatever they're having. A Bob label makes even the most mundane BBQ spice mix special for the guys in my family.

So how do you make a personalized label? First pick a container. Small spice canisters can be purchased for 50¢ at most grocery stores. Measure the original label. I drew a box in my graphics program to the label dimensions. I then traced over a photograph of Bob to make a caricature for the label. Make it personal to your gift recipient using clip art, photos, inside jokes, special names, etc. Even the simplest graphics program gives you plenty of design opportunities.

photo caricature dog dachshund

Plain paper is just fine to print out the label with an inkjet printer. You can use sticker paper if you have it. I sprayed my inkjet labels with Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel to give the paper a slight finish. I've heard you can rub the label with white candle wax to waterproof it too.

crystal clear spray enamel paper label

I couldn't find my Goo Gone, which was good because I realized I could use the slight stickiness left on the plastic jar from the original label to adhere my new label.

spice bottle jar label sticky

Just roll it on.

personalized spice jar bottle plastic gift

I may make a fabulous BBQ rib rub, popcorn spice, and chicken rub to put in my jars as it gets closer to Christmas. Or, I may buy premade mixes and put them in the jars. It's all in the presentation anyway.

Did someone mention ribs?


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  1. Great idea for men, who are so difficult at gift-giving times. Now I know what to do with all those spice jars I saved! Hello, Christmas stockings!
    Thanks so much for the label tute - adorable.

    1. Thanks, Anne. I knew they were good for something. Have fun with your label making.


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