Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stacked Paper Beads

As soon as I saw the chapter on making your own beads, especially paper beads, I was hooked for the week.
I have tons of scrap paper just waiting to become pretty beads.

This summer, I've been wanting a chunky Wilma Flintstone–style necklace to wear with my tee shirts, so I came up with a stacked chunky paper bead.

For each bead, I cut the following strips across the short side of a letter–size piece of scrap paper (and one old Texas road map):

One ¾–in. strip
Two ½–in. strips
Three ¼–in. strips

I rolled each strip from largest to smallest on a toothpick, securing each layer with a glue stick. Each bead is ¾–in. long. I wanted a 16–in. long necklace, so I made four of each color paper.

I sealed each bead with a layer of Mod Podge gloss.

I followed the directions in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beading for stringing, and now I have my chunky necklace.

Have you ever gotten so immersed in a project that time simply disappears? The beading continues...



  1. I just love paper beads! Yours are so pretty. Thanks for posting your paper beads and giving me some great ideas

    1. Thanks! They're addictive to make.


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