Saturday, June 2, 2012

Serendipity Patchwork

I call this little quilt "Serendipity."

The only pattern I liked in this week's book was the mini mod coin quilt.

Mini Mod Coin Quilt from Pretty Little Patchwork.

doodled just enough fabric to make my patterned material.

Each square is approximately 3–in. square. No rulers were involved. 

I also had just enough white curtain lining fabric to make the strips and the backing, and I actually had batting in my stash.

The result:

My first quilt!

The final little quilt measures 16 by 25 in. Each patterned piece is 1 by 3 in. "Serendipity" is the perfect size to be a table runner for my kitchen table, which is what I had wanted it to be all along. Serendipity!

Ever had an unplanned project go so right?



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