Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pressing Flowers in the Microwave

Thinking about microwaves reminded me that I have a microwave flower press that I have not yet used.

I also have a TON of parsley but very few flowers.

The press consists of two plastic plates, two thick pieces of felt, two sheets of thin cotton lawn, and two side clips. You place the flowers or greenery between the felt and cotton, place the plates on the top and bottom of the felt sandwich, and slip the clips onto the side of the plates.

For my 1000–watt microwave, a cycle of 20 seconds, 15 seconds, and 10 seconds produced crisp, vibrant pressed parsley flowers.

I did some lavender too, as well as some weed flowers. I need to get a better garden.

I placed my stash of pressed parsley into my card–making supplies. I can't wait to make some Father's Day cards!



  1. It's amazing that you have a microwave flower press. I thought I had seen just about every kind of craft there is, and tried most of them.

    1. Ann, this little gadget works so well. It's scary how many other crafty gadgets I have hidden away.


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