Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paper "Wake" Beads

Paper beads generally are made with triangles of paper cut from wrapping paper, magazines, or other decorative bits of paper.

What do you do when the design you want to use is only a small part of the paper?

You make a paper bead blank and cover it with the pretty paper.

I made tons of ½–in. wide rolled tube beads while watching a movie one night. The paper is from my scrap pile.

I cut the decorative paper wrappers from a wake board catalog and glued them around the paper tube blanks. A coat of Mod Podge sealed them up and gave them a gloss. I use a foam cone and toothpicks to dry my beads.

  Bracelets generally are 7–in. long. My tube beads were ¼–in. wide, so I needed 28 tube beads to make a bracelet. Using stretchy cord and the double–needle ladder stitch, I strung up several bracelets. My daughter is a wake boarder, so she snagged the red and black bracelets.
I kept the pink/purple set for me, even though it's been years since I got up on the wake board.

Have you gotten any ideas for your scrap paper pile?

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  1. Your bracelet and their colors are interesting, ..... I love paper beads and have made a few myself .

    1. Deepthi, thanks for your comment. I love paper beads too! I really enjoy how the final bead looks nothing like simple paper.

  2. Lovely piece of work.
    and thank you for sharing the tutorial
    Much Love


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