Saturday, June 16, 2012

Craft Nuked

One of the recipes in Zapcrafts is for rose beads. As you wear them, they are supposed to emit a fragrance. No roses here. I do have lavender.

I wanted to use the leaves. They seem to hold scent as well as the lavender buds. My buds are promised elsewhere.

Following the directions for the rose beads, I placed a cup of lavender leaves (and a few buds) into a bowl of water and nuked it all for 15 minutes. You're then supposed to let it cool and repeat the heating process three more times until the rose petals become pasty.

I wasn't expecting the same process to work for the tougher lavender leaves. I did do the heating/cooling process, and then I whizzed the mess in the food process to finish the breakdown process.

Ewww. I don't have to mention what the result looks like. The mess did smell like lavender, so I soldiered on.

No. I don't care how good these beads would have smelled had I let them fully dry. No one wants to wear a necklace that looks like goat droppings.

Lesson learned. Sometimes you can't substitute supplies no matter how badly you want them to work.

Any lessons learned the hard way in your crafting adventures?



  1. Lol, funny! You might want to paint those beads because I agree with you.

    1. They were too gross to save. I composted them since no amount of paint was rescuing those "beads."


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