Sunday, June 10, 2012

Colorful "Faux" Embroidered Peasant Blouse

So Thursday rolls around, and I still haven't drafted a blouse pattern. Finally, I knuckle down and make some 8–cm graph paper because all the measurements are in centimeters. I remember a big push to go metric in the '70s. In this case, I was happy to use metric because it made transferring all the markings much more accurate than just estimating.

This blouse is embroidered, but I do not do embroidery. I did cross stitch eons ago, but that ship has sailed. I'm certainly not going to pick up satin stitch and expect to have a blouse done this century.

When my daughter was young, a pack of crayons went through the wash. I spent hours trying to salvage the crayon–spotted clothes. So I knew drawing the pattern onto my fabric would work. I used a cotton/polyester blend and traced the pattern onto the fabric using a mechanical pencil. I found it was important to keep the fabric taut as I colored because it otherwise would bunch up.

Just to be certain I wasn't going to spend hours on a design that would wash out, I tested the crayon on a scrap of fabric, set the color with a hot iron, and scrubbed the design with soap. No fading whatsoever with the Crayolas. Other crayon brands do wash out. Regular Crayola crayons work the best on fabric.

This pattern folds at the shoulders and is stitched up the front, back, and sides.

The hardest part of the pattern was deciphering the cuff instructions. I finally had to make them up.

I wore my new blouse this morning!

Next time, I'd make the bottom a little longer, but I love it otherwise. Even the back bands match up. Happy!



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