Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Paper Mache Sachets

The garden has been eating up all my spare time. So, without further ado, let's get on with last week's project. I chose to make the paper mache sachets from Papercraft Workshop. Paper mache is the best trash–to–treasure craft out there. I love turning ripped up paper and glue into something worthwhile. 

These would make great Mother's Day gifts! (Mom, don't peek.)

Take a rubber ball and smear it with petroleum jelly (plastic wrap works for a tennis ball). Cover it with six layers of torn paper strips and thinned white glue. Let it dry.

L to R: Dry paper mache, wet paper mache, prepped rubber ball.

With a pencil, draw a line dividing the dried paper ball in half. Use a craft knife to slice through the paper.

Make sure you make a mark to rematch the sides before you cut the paper mache. Glue the two paper hemispheres together, matching the mark. Cover the seam with two layers of torn paper and thinned glue. Let it dry. 

Sand any rough areas with medium sand paper. Paint the paper ball with a layer of acrylic craft paint. With an awl or a small screwdriver, poke a pilot hole. Use a pencil to enlarge the pilot hole. This is the fill hole.

Mark a grid in pencil on the side opposite the fill hole. Use the awl or small screwdriver to poke the scent holes. 


Cut a piece of foam core to act as a cork to seal the fill hole. Cut the ½–in. long triangle about ½–in. wide at the top and ¼–in. wide at the bottom. Paint the "cork" to match the paper mache ball.

Fill the ball with lavender buds using a paper funnel. Or, fill the ball with bits of cotton and add a few drops of fragrance oil.

Hot glue a ribbon around the ball and tie a knot at the top. 

The paper mache glue takes overnight to dry. More humid areas may require an extra day to fully dry. Once the paper is hardened, you can quickly complete the painting, poking, filling, and decorating.

Mother's Day is Sunday; go rip up some paper!


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