Friday, May 4, 2012

"Instant" Photos for Graduation Events

My son is graduating from high school in a few weeks. The parents in our local homeschool group get together each year to host a graduation ceremony for the kids. We order robes and caps, diplomas, tassels, and school rings. After the ceremony, we have a reception, and each graduate fills a table with high school mementos.

My son has been on a competitive fencing team for almost nine years. He's developed a love of travel, honed his competitive skills, and met friends from all over the country. He's become a club leader, mentors younger fencers, passed his certified referee tests, and completed the requirements to become an assistant fencing coach. Fencing is going to dominate his table.

Other than his pile of medals, I wanted to show him doing what he loves.

Apartment Therapy had a reader tip awhile back about printing large photos on the cheap. Take your photo to a print shop and ask for an engineering blueprint. I even got a homeschool teacher discount, which dropped the price to about  $3 each.

Spray the back of the print with spray glue and place on a 20x30 piece of  foam core board (about $1). I placed the prints toward the top of the board so the photo looks like a Polaroid print.

I had one of his senior photos blown up too.

Ready to conquer the world.

Each print was about $3. The foam core was $1 each. He'll have a great table for about $12.



  1. Awesome Aimee. That's a fantastic idea.. :) And congratulations for your son's graduation. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.


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