Monday, May 14, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 20: Casting Cement

I'm still working on a project from my favorite design book from last week, but it's time to move on to another book.

Not only do I fill my shelves with craft books, I also fill my virtual shelves with online inspiration. Have you ever explored Tons of books, music, audio, journals, etc. from yesteryear are available right on your desktop. It's time to blow the virtual dust off Color Cement Handicraft (copyright 1922).

The formulas for concrete have not changed much since Roman times except for specialty mixtures. Did you know that the art of concrete was lost during the Dark Ages? (source: Historical Timeline of Concrete) I love history!

The text is sprinkled with gorgeous late Art Nouveau line drawings.

I need to make some stepping stones for my garden this week. We've been deluged with rain, and my clay soil sticks to everything. I'm not complaining. After last year's drought, I'll take the rain. Last spring there was little point in planting a garden. It's so nice to see green!

Off to play in the mud (literally).


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