Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 19: Design Week

Welcome to the most awesome design treasury ever printed.

I used to obsessively check this book out from the library and drool over the paisleys and art nouveau designs, and now I own a copy. It's finally mine. I pulled it out this week because my daughter is in crunch time for all her final art projects. She's been home off and on all week using my tools and supplies to get her finals done. She taught me a great technique she learned in illustration class using children's poster paint and ink. I needed a design to try it out.

I'm excited that I finally get to use some of the designs I've been coveting. Dover design books are like crack. What design styles inspire you?



  1. Have to laugh at your line about the Dover books being like crack. You're so right!

    1. I've already put a few more on my wish list!

  2. Do you blog re the reject you mentioned here? I'm dying to see what it is!


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