Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrifting goodness (and no sewing)

I've been thrifting this week. It seems my sewing mojo has left me, and I'm looking for an excuse not to make a skirt.

But look at all this awesomeness! (Awful pic, I know. My camera was still set to take sports shots.)

One of our thrift stores conveniently sends all craft donations to one store. The wooden scissors open. The Xyron stuff was new. The cashier was happy someone found a use for them. Uh, what?!? And what is Mailbox Art Deco–Shield spray (that unreadable blue can)? For 50 cents, it was worth the risk.

And I found an entire set of Make it Yourself craft books from 1974. I was able to finish out my collection. On half–price day, too! More fodder for the craft book challenge, even if all the projects are “groovy.”

I have been working on my skirt pattern. I've washed, dried, and ironed the fabric, and I took my measurements. At least it's a start.

But let's talk about thrifting. Any great scores this week?



  1. Those scissors are too cute. Can't wait to see them all decorated!

    1. They were a fun find. The cashier tried to sell me on a wooden sewing machine, too.


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