Friday, April 13, 2012

No–Glue, Folded Paper Book (with Sewn Signatures!)

Remember when you had to cover your textbooks with paper bags at the beginning of each school year?

I made my second book by covering two signatures with an elephant–dung paper cover using the pattern “Folded–Cover Feather Journal” from Making Books and Journals, although I used completely different dimensions.

I gathered up a bunch of eclectic papers from my stash and cut them all down to the same dimensions. I made two signatures of eight pages each, and then I sewed the pages together using sturdy thread waxed with beeswax. The whole process was a lot easier than I've been telling myself it would be.

I only had letter–sized pieces of the elephant dung paper, but it's sturdy and textured, so I glued two papers together to get a piece long enough for the book cover.

I cut two pieces of cardboard that I scavenged from the back of a notebook as the supports for the signatures. Then I followed the same instructions as you would for covering a textbook. The only difference is that you pop the cardboard in the horizontal folds before you slide the first and last pages of the signatures into the side flaps.

I almost forgot; I also added a piece of turquoise raffia ribbon along the length of the cover before I placed the cardboard covers in the folds.

I could have pasted one of my needle–felted rabbits onto the cover, but I thought the red doily worked with the ribbon. I'm a complete novice at crochet, but I am proud I was able to hook up that little doily. It's nice to have a place to display it.

Pattern from Making Books and Journals, designed by Paula Beardell Krieg.

What should I fill this book with?


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