Monday, March 5, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 10: Artful Lettering

I am a font junkie. Nothing is more beautiful to me than an artfully rendered alphabet. I also love gorgeous hand lettering. It adds such a personal touch to whatever it is applied to.

I'm working in Hand Lettering by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh this week. I'm always up for learning a new lettering style. If the letter shapes are beautiful, even practicing can be fun.

I like to use graph paper because you can really see the space relationships between the strokes.

I pulled a pattern out of Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials for Artists and Craftspeople (eye candy!) and freehanded it onto my kitchen chalkboard with colored chalk that I remember having used as a kid. The lettering hand is Draftsman.

So, if you've never been here before, or you're stopping by again, let me offer you a big Welcome! I hope you're inspired to add a few letters into your life this week.



  1. Hi Aimee

    I am new to your beautiful blog which i came to know through Pinterest.Liked your roses, printing on fabric and artful lettering too. I am definately going to give a try to rose making and fabric printing. I am still going through your blog and i know i will come across some beautiful thing to learn and make. Thanks a lot for tutorials.

    Pratima kapoor

    1. Thank you, Pratima. I'm honored that you find my crafty rambles inspiring. I may try some embroidery and needlework later on, but I don't think it will look as beautiful as yours. ~Aimee


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