Monday, March 26, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 13: No–Loom Rug Weaving

Shortly after we moved into our current home, I became obsessed with rugs. The original owners had the concrete stained and waxed black during construction. I like more traditional decor, so those floors had to be covered with something. Plus, I could not keep my kids' socks clean. I wanted some foot cushiness.

Even the dogs preferred the rug to the floor.

These rug making booklets represent a small sample of my rug obsession. The author, Diana Blake Gray, is master rug maker who is on a mission to keep traditional rug making alive.

We've since covered all the floors with tile, wood parquet, and carpet, but I'll never turn up my nose at a good throw rug. This week, I'll be tackling a Kitchen Table Rug. I can't wait to dig into my fabric stash to see what's possible.

Anything in your home driven you to utter DIY desperation?



  1. I have a rug obsession, too. I have made several rag rugs and have started a sort of freehanded heart rug. I have no pattern for it, just kept knotting until I had a heart shape. It is still a baby rug as I have not worked on it past the center heart stage. I can't wait to see the table rug. I buy rag rugs at BigLots for the bathroom floor and to cover the bottom of my bunnies' pen. They are spoiled bunnies.

    1. Brandi, I'm so impressed you've made several knotted rag rugs. They seem hard to me. I highly approve of rugs for bunnies. :)


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