Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 7 Wrap Up: What to do with Paper Cuts

Before I move on to this week's craft book, I wanted to talk about what you can do with fun little paper cuts.

  1. Greeting cards
  2. Collage elements
  3. Book covers
  4. Wrapping decorations
  5. Ornaments and mobiles
  6. Table decorations and doilies

If you scan your cutout, you can print the design on stationary or print the design on iron–on transfer paper for T–shirts, aprons, book covers, etc...

You can also make your own paper cut patterns using

  1. Photographs
  2. Coloring books
  3. Embroidery patterns
  4. Your own drawings

Here's a link to the embroidery pattern I used to make my quick lunch bag wrapping.

Any more ideas? Paper cuts are too fun not to use and share.


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