Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ooooh, shiny (and fuzzy)!

I am a crafting magpie, which leads to lots of shiny objects lining the edges of my craft room nest.

This week's book falls into that category of stuff I like but will never do. Don't get me wrong. The projects offered in Needle Felting will enthuse and inspire someone, just not me. I didn't find one project that got my creative juices flowing.

When needle felting first caught my eye, I picked up all the lovely colors of wool roving I could find and made a pair of needle-felted booties for my nephew. He's five now.

Today I did needle felt a bunny using a Clover felt mold. It's actually the best result I've ever gotten using my felting needles.

I do have some of my own ideas brewing. We'll see what tomorrow brings. This magpie isn't ready to give up on her stash just yet!



  1. Cute little bunny! I have always thought needle felting looked interesting but I can't bring myself to do anymore than I already do, lol. I have no room in my house for anymore art supplies!

    1. Thanks! I've been limiting myself more to using what I have on hand. I have two shoe boxes of fleece to use up before I can get anything more.


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