Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Never say, "Oops." Always say, "Ah, interesting."

Well, crud. Ever have one of those absolutely fabulous ideas that tanks? Yeah.

This week I've been working on covering my chair. I have the fabric, I have the thread, I have the know–how thanks to this week's book. What I didn't have was a cushy cushion. The original foam was weak. Anemic. Four–and–a–half inches of nothing. I wanted height and loft and comfort!

I added three (!) layers of 1–in. foam to that wimpy little cushion. I then spent hours lovingly sewing by hand an overcushion onto the layers of foam and batting to keep it all together. That cushion was looking fine! Except when I tested it on the chair. Good grief! Looked like the chair had shrunk by 6 in. and added about 15 lb of junk in the trunk. The proportions were WAY off. The batting and the overcushion added just enough height that I had a 9–in. high cushion.

I settled for one layer of extra cushioning, which puts me back to a naked cushion on a naked chair.

In sadness, I went and made some valentines. I feel much better now.

I used this video to learn the fortune cookie fold, but you can find these instructions anywhere. Basically, I slopped paint on the paper until it looked like a fortune cookie. The fortunes all pertain to love. I found my quotes at the Quote Garden. I made an extra one with a friendship fortune for my son's friend who is a girl.

Hoping for more sewing success tomorrow!


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