Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 9: The Art of Handmade Flowers

I like to haunt the stacks at the Amarillo Friends of the Library book sale. I enjoy finding books the library has removed from circulation and books that patrons have donated from their personal collections.

I wonder where this week's book came from. I picked up The Art of Handmade Flowers in a $5–per–bag sale. It was originally published in Japan and was purchased somewhere you could pay in yen. I wonder if the original owner was able to make any fabric flowers because the steps to make them seem intimidating. You heat a teaspoon to use as a mini iron!

Can you imagine the patience required to make a bouquet of satin roses? All I can see is trying to keep them dusted!

The authors, Miyuki and Tomoko Iida, suggest starting with the carnation. They also say you can color your fabric with crayons. What?! Oh, wait, they also say that to make your flowers look like theirs, you have to dye the fabric. Crayoned carnations it is! Can't wait to see them myself.


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