Monday, February 13, 2012

Craft Book Challenge Week 7: Quick Crepe Paper Valentine Swag

Hey, ya'll! Thanks for stopping by from The Graphics Fairy. I'm so honored she featured my decoupaged plates.

Here's a quick valentine project from the book I chose to work in this week.

This project took longer to write up than it did to cut out! It's perfect for last–minute Valentine's Day decorating.

  1. You'll need regular party crepe paper. Measure the width of the crepe paper to create your heart pattern. Cut the crepe paper into 2–foot lengths. This length is easier to work with than longer lengths.
  2. Cut a heart from a piece of card stock so it will fit within the width of the crepe paper. You'll need two heart patterns, so cut the heart pattern in two. Set the heart halves on the crepe paper to determine how long to make your accordion folds. You want to leave space between the two heart halves.
  3. Accordion–fold the crepe paper according to the measurement you determined in Step 2. In this case, I folded the paper in 2–in. segments. If you've ever made paper dolls, you'll use the same zigzag folding technique.
  4. Staple the heart halves to the each side of the folded crepe paper. Make sure you follow the example. 

  5. Cut around the hearts, leaving a 1/2–in. wide center connection between the lobes.
  6. Remove the staples. Save your patterns for the next length of crepe paper. You can use the same pattern.
  7. Unfold the hearts length. You should have a line–up of hearts. Make more!
  8. Connect the lengths of cut crepe paper with white glue until the swag is as long as you want. Make multiple lengths in different colors and drape on your doors.

This is the book I chose this week. I need a break from sewing! Creative Paper Cutting is full of easy paper cuts you can apply to just about anything. I'm looking forward to exploring it more.


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