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Craft Book Challenge Week 6: The herd thins

I often buy books for pie–in–the–sky projects. You know, the projects you think you want to do someday but certainly not now. Considering the number of home sewing books I own and the number of home sewing projects I have ever completed... well, let's just say I'm outnumbered.

I'm working on my naked chair upholstery project this week, but I really need help figuring out how to sew a decent–looking welted cushion. In pulling out my books, I discovered that I have a lot of duplication of information. Not just similar how–to's but outright duplication, even though the sewing books were produced by different publishers.

I chose to get rid of three sewing Singer sewing reference books from my pile because the information was duplicated elsewhere. Ahh, breathing room in the bookcase.

After all that, I didn't choose a Singer sewing book to help me sew a better cushion. I found better, clearer instructions in More Sewing for the Home.

This is the first book to let me know it's OK not to cut your welting on the bias. In fact, you really don't need to cut it at 45 degrees unless you need the welting to go around curves, and even then, you can get away with less than 45 degrees.

So, back to the chair. My first order of business is to beef up the anemic, thin cushion on this oversized chair. I have an experiment in mind that may plump that sucker up to new heights, or it might fail miserably. Then it's on to the fun: staples!

Do you have any pie–in–the–sky projects you've bought books and supplies for but just can't bring yourself to do? It's OK, I've been there too.



  1. Oh yes I do have books with projects that I thought I'd get to one day. On occasion I take the books out, dream of the day and back they go onto the shelf. One day I'll get to them. They are mostly sewing projects.

    1. Sewing seems to be my "someday" craft too. My daughter just goes for it with her sewing machine and makes multiple tweaks with her project until she's happy. She certainly didn't learn that kind of patience from me!


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