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Transforming a T-Shirt Neckline with Bias Tape

Source: New from Old, How to Transform and
Customize Your Clothes
 by Jayne Emerson

This is the project that got me to buy the book New from Old. I thought the bias tape around the neckline was quirky and cute. Plus, I have a pile of old boxy tees just waiting for a makeover. Correction... I had an old pile of tees. I got sick of stepping over the pile and sent them off to the thrift; however, I did have two plain boxy tees hiding in my dresser just waiting for their big makeover.

This is an easy yet fiddly project. I chose to make my bias tape. In fact, I used straight–cut fabric to edge my white shirt. I only had a few strips of an old skirt left, and I figured I had nothing to lose. One quick trip through my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker and I had pretty convincing "bias" tape.

The instructions are quite simple.

  1. Cut a new neckline. I stay stitched my edges to stabilize the stretch.
  2. Pin your bias tape around the neck. Fiddle with the bottom of the new neckline until the bias tape is arranged to your liking.
  3. Stitch the tape. I used a zig-zag stitch.

I cut up an old tie to get bias–cut fabric for my gray tee. True bias tape does conform to the curved edges of the neckline a little easier than the straight–cut fabric does. The final step was to nip in the sides of the shirts to make them more suitable for a woman.

Yay! Wearable progress!


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    1. Thanks! I've acquired a few more tees that need this treatment. Thanks for commenting!


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